SHARING is giving to the concessionaires of Sorsogon City their need for safe and sufficient supply of water. The Board and the Management, by the start of year 202L, aimed to develop additional sources to address the 4 MLD (million liters per day) deficit of water supply in the City, which has been the biggest concern since our entrance to SCWD in 2019.

With this dilemma, our bulk water supplier, Abejo Waters Corp. (AWC) added 1.2 MLD with the additional source coming from the new St. Raphael Pumping Station inaugurated in February. Our joint venture paftner, PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp (PrimeWater Sorsogon City), with the SCWD Management's eagerness in providing engineering interventions, conducted several activities like air scouring, flushing, leak detection and repair, pipeline expansion and rehabilitation, rehabilitation of an idle pumping station (Pamurayan PS) and booster tank (Sitio Burabod, Brgy. Poblacion, Bacon District), water meter clustering and replacement of old water meters, tapping improvements, etc.

But by far, the biggest project is the on- going well drilling at Sitio San Lorenzo, Brgy. Bibincahan, which is expected to add up another 3 to 5 MLD supply. With such, we assume that water suppty in the City will be stabilized. Neveftheless, as I always remark, our efforts will not stop from here, especially that the paftnership with PrimeWater already marked its fifth year last October.

On the other hand, the District continues CARING to the community and the environment.

SCWD's daily water quality monitoring (residual chlorine and turbidity) and the monthly microbiological analysis as well as water pressure monitoring have been extensive in order to provide Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water-compliant water supply.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is non-stop with its programs and activities. We continuously provided foot-operated poftable handwash facility to different agencies and schools, outreach programs by providing grocery packs and rice to recipients in Brgy. Macabog, West District and recently, in Brgy. Caricaran, Bacon District.

This year, we likewise conducted various tree-planting activities together with our paftners, AWC and PrimeWater as wqll as the Sorsogon City/Province Parole and Probation Office (SCPPPO).

AII these are toward the welfare and ultimate benefit of SCWD's concessionaires and the public.

The spirit of SHARING and CARING is binding us. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year to all!