On January 6 to February 28, 2020, the newly installed Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the new Interim General Manager conducted a Satisfaction Survey. The intent is to determine, in figures, the actual water supply situation in the City of Sorsogon which will be considered as baseline data. Also, the suruey results will be useful and vital in determining courses of actions towards the improvement of the delivery of safe water to some 14,000 water concessionaires. The result of the survey: 34o/o Satisfaction Rating.

The Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD), a Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) is given that franchise to deliver water to households and establishments in the City of Sorsogon. The government mandates that the water should be substantial in quantity and the quality should be compliant to the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water (PNSD.

The SCWD has been consistent in finding ways and means to deliver a decent public service and comply with the requirements of the government. For the last two years/ an unprecedented increas of satisfaction rating was recorde. Quality of water is getting near and nearer to the standards set by the government, However, as we perform our duties and obligations towards the fulfillment of the government's directives there are challenges and variable that are not yet within our full control. One of them is electricity.

On January 18 to March lB, 202I, another Satisfaction Survey was conducted. Guided by the same methodology and using the same set of questionnaires, the results were very encouraging. The Sorsogon City Water District with Primewater Infrastructure Corp. (PMC) and Abejo Water Corp. (AWC) posted a Satisfaction Rating of 490lo. The respectable 15% increase was generally attributed to the revitalized coordination efforts and various engineering interventions as recommended, in fact insisted, by the new Management.

On October 26 - 29, 2027, a Satisfaction Survey was required by the District's ISO Consultant using a new methodology. With the same subject - 34 served barangays, the over-all customer satisfaction rating of 3.9 with an equivalent interpretation of Very Good was achieved. A conservative conversion will yield a 70o/o Satisfaction Rating. Not bad at all.

The SCWD, with its paftners - PWIC and AWC, will continue to find ways and means to improve further the dellvery and provision of the most impoftant commodity - safe waten To our dear water concessionaires, we say: you ain't seen nothing yet.