“The FLOW” first saw print in 1997 as the official newsletter of then Sorsogon Water District, producing regular updates from the Board of Directors and Management on policy direction, projects and activities for concessionaires and employees alike.

As the mouthpiece of SWD which eventually became SCWD, it delivered a steady supply of facts, figures, opinion, humor and inspiration – even job opportunities – for the public, with many looking forward to its regulars such as “From the GM’s Desk,” “Tinggalan ng Tubig” and “Employees Corner” in every issue.

When El Niño struck in the late 1990s, the late 2000s and mid-2010s, “The FLOW” played a vital role in giving the public a clearer picture on why and how SCWD’s water sources dwindled and effectively conveyed the effort SCWD’s BOD and Management in mitigating its effect to concessionaires.

From a quarterly issue for eight years and taking a backseat in years 2000, 2004-2005 and 2008-2009, it came out as a more dynamic and vibrant monthly publication in 2011, providing updates on water supply as well as SCWD’s public relations, corporate social responsibility and gender and development advocacies.

Awarded as 3rd Placer in the 2018 Best Publication Award and as 1st Placer in the 2019 Best Publication Award by the Philippine Association of Water Districts, Inc., “The FLOW” looks to remain as a potent PR tool and continue to quench the thirst of the rapidly growing number of concessionaires for timely and relevant updates from SCWD, today and up to the foreseeable future.